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Update by user Jan 08, 2012

Rob Brown Tenant Complaint

Fantastik Realty Complaint

Robert Brown Fantastik Realty Bully Landlord

San Diego Sexual Predator Landlord

Rob Brown Sexual Predator Landlord

Robert Brown Tenant Complaint

Robert Brown Sexual Harassment Complaint

Update by user Jan 08, 2012

Creepy Landlord and Sexual Predator

Original review posted by user Jan 08, 2012

My friends and I were a tenant at Robert Brown's beach house in Mission Beach....When we missed a payment for one month he threatened to sue us and keep our entire deposit of $2,800.....

What bothered my roommate and I the most is when he tried to get us to sleep with him to settle our debt.... I thought it was a creepy thing to ask us such thing - and when we denied his sexual offer he harrassed us for many months for being unsatifactory tenants and to pay our rent on time....

Now that we aren't renting from him anymore I believe the community should be aware of this creep...Robert Brown is a horrible landlord and he needs to be thrown in jail for such sexual predatory acts.

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We bought a house from Rob Brown.The most unprofessional, greedy, shady realtor I have every encountered.

We couldn't wait for the deal to close.

Also, prior to our purchase, the home was being illegally rented as a Vegas Vacation Home (no permits or licenses).

Buyer and renters BEWARE of Fantastik Realty and Rob Brown!!


He is a fuckng weird, *** creeper. Money is the only thing he has going for him,

And he got that from mommy.


Hey there


this guy appeared on many times. if you google search 'rob brown in san diego' you will find hundreds of posts about him paying for sex.


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I'm sorry to hear about this.You should submit a complaint to BBB of San Diego if you really want your voice heard.

You can also refer to Megan's Law to get other helpful advice.People like this should be prosecuted.


:( This fat pig appeared in several hate threads already. I'm glad people are aware of this a--hole!!!! Sucks to be you Rob!!!

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